Bluechip Securities Limited ranked fourth in DSE’s top dealer in February

The list of the top 20 dealers has been published on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) transaction in February. Islami Bank Securities Limited is at the top of the list. DSE sources said the information.

According to sources, United Securities Limited is second on the dealer list. In addition, Apex Investments Ltd is in third position.

In the list of DSE’s dealers, Bluechip Securities Limited is ranked fifth, IDLC Securities Limited is fifth, MTB Securities Limited is ranked seventh, Dhaka Bank Securities Limited is seventh, Nistib is third and Bisim is third. Bank Securities.

Other companies on the dealer list are – NLI Securities, Doha Securities Limited, HAC Securities Limited, Universal Securities Limited, AHC Securities Limited, Reliance Brokerage Services, M Securities Brokeys Ltd., Ltd. See more

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