Why Invest In Stock Market Now?

Investing in stocks for a long term has many advantages. Here is why equity investments have an edge over simply saving money in your bank account:

  • One of the best avenues to fight inflation
  • Inflation drives up the cost of living and eats away the value of your savings. Traditional investment avenues like Fixed Deposits have a limited upside of 8 to 10 %. However, careful selection of stocks may generate a higher return way above inflation and fixed income return.
  • Long term wealth creation
  • The DSE X index is going through a rough time. The market fell from around 5500 points to 4650 points which is around negative 15%. We strongly believe that this is an opportunity for investors who are eyeing for mid to long term investment opportunities. There are a number of stocks which are trading at low multiples despite having high potentials to perform.
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